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Andi is a Graphic Designer based in Cologne and experienced1 in digital media with a passion beyond Interfaces. Grounded in a human-centered ethos his work embodies a deep commitment to aesthetics, meaningfulness and sustainability, to meet human needs and encouraging engagement.2He developed all these experiences and attitudes over the years in various companies.3

1He gained a lot of experiences over the last years in the field of User Interface Design for smaller and larger companies. As part of a Design Systems team, he got an understanding of component-based organisms and agile project management, an understanding of technical topics and documentation, as well as a focus on flexible and easy to maintain systems. Based on his experiences working on design systems he has dive into accessibility, functionality and realisation of user-friendly components. As a designer, he has a natural understanding of HTML and CSS and a basic knowledge of JS and React.

2As base he follows some beliefs. Aesthetic is the driver to encouraging users to stay in touch, fostering a connection that endures in their memory. Meanigifulness is the anchor that grounds him in deeper connections to products and brands. This internal compass propels him forward, driven to provide solutions rooted in Usefulness. From an economic standpoint, Sustainibility and Aesthetics are interconnected, as it extends the life expectancy of solutions. Whether analog or digital, minimizing the carbon footprint requires thoughtful evaluation and is important for him as well. Human-Centered Design to fullfill humans needs is the focal point of my work, with every design crafted to center around their requirements. Context, desires, and the user journey guide my approach, ensuring accessibility and a tailored response to specific use cases.

3Career·Currently, Freelancer·Feb 22 - Oct 23, User Interface Designer, dayy·Aug 21 – Jan 22, Freelancer·Apr 20 – Jul 21, Art Director Digital, Melters·Jan 20 – Mar 20, Art Director Digital, Milk·Oct 18 – Dez 19, Tänzer, User Interface Designer·Aug 16 – Sep 18, Melters, Junior Art Director Digital·Sep 13 – Sep 16, B.Sc.- Communication and Multimediadesign